FORNO DAMIANI launches the new “Premium” ORGANIC range under brand name BIOSNACK.

SCHIACCIATELLE, enriched with Turmeric and Ginger, with appetizing Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds “The Seeds of Health”. An extraordinary unique flavour. Suitable for Vegans and Halal certified… and “they are also good for your health!”

MULTIGRAIN TARALLI with spelt and buckwheat “Source of Fibre”, are enriched with Flax and Fennel seeds “The Seeds of Health”, which give the product a unique and appetizing taste (…one leads to another!).
WITHOUT WINE (no Sulfites) and WITHOUT YEAST (iVegan and Halal certified) … and “they are also good for your health!”

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Gustocodice EANpesoconf. x cartonecartoni x pallet
Pollo arrosto801179510196635 g50104
Prosciutto801179510147835 g50104
Bacon801179510031035 g50104
Ketchup+801179510032735 g50104
Pizza801179510170635 g50104
Barbeque Ribs801179510350235 g50104